Sara is an experienced retreat manager, having worked on numerous juice and yoga retreats in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

Retreats can be excellent ways in which to take some quality time out, initiate important lifestyle and nutritional changes to help improve your health and vitality in the long term.

Nourish in Nature – Retreats for Women 2017

Yoga, herbs,nutrition and meditation in the lush forests and crystal clear lakeside countryside of central Portugal.

Sometimes we need to take a step back, simplify things and reflect on our lives. Join us in Portugal on these special retreats designed specifically for women.


Dates: May 28th to June 3rd

June 4th to June 10th

August 27th to September 2nd

September 3rd to September 9th



Location: Oleiros,Central Portugal

Each week will include;
– yoga & breathing practices,
– herb workshops, making tinctures, infusions and tea blends
– a complementary treatment with Aoife (Relaxing massage, reflexology or reiki)
– guided meditations & yoga nidra,
– a herb walk, gathering, collecting, drying and storing herbs
– hormone health workshop
– herbal smoothie making
– adrenal fatigue and herbs to de-stress workshop
– opportunity to book for more specialized bodywork with Aoife *not included in price
– opportunity for private consultations with Sara (herbs and nutrition *not included in price)

Women’s lives are often too hectic because we are busy with work, children, family and social commitments. Our minds also become busy, remembering things, planning and making lists. We can start to feel overloaded as we negotiate our way at top speed on our smart phones through the plans for each day, and each week, dropping in and out of each others lives through social media and balancing the pressures of our careers and family with our true selves.

Learning techniques and methods of self care can help us to cope with life. Instead of just surviving, we can learn to thrive and embrace our true creativity. Retreating into a natural environment can encourage this process, and spending time in a simple environment, indulging ourselves with daily yoga practice, simple breath work and meditation can all assist in this process.


We can also learn to further support ourselves and our lives with the use of herbs and nutrition. Especially as we move through the different phases of a woman’s life; where our bodies encounter so much transformation and change. Sara will be sharing her wisdom on herbs and health, and ways to support women’s health and well being.

Aoife Brewster will be offering her specialised and wide range of treatments for guests, focussing specifically on womens health and well being. View Aoife’s website

This retreat is designed to gently address these ideas, allowing women time to step away from everyday life and make some space to focus on well being and perhaps initiate some longer lasting lifestyle changes. We all need time out to take care of ourselves, so that we are better able to take care of others in our lives.

All the food is prepared daily from fresh (organic where possible) ingredients and is wholesome and tasty. Guests can enjoy the surrounding location, forest, traditional Portuguese village, walking tracks and the reservoir 20 minutes walk away for swimming. (weather permitting) On the final evening guests will enjoy some Portuguese wine with dinner, bonfire, star gazing and a dip in our wood fired hot tub.

The week will be guided by Fiona (yoga and meditation) and Sara (herbs and nutrition)  Aoife will also be joining us to offer relaxing massage and therapeutic treatments designed specifically for women. View Aoife’s website

Daily Program:

8.00am – Morning Yoga – Pranayama, asana and silent meditation

10.00 – Self Serve Breakfast

11.00 – Morning workshops (herbs, nutrition)

2pm – Lunch

3.30pm – Afternoon, workshops or treatment time

5.30 – 7pm – Afternoon yoga (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

7.30 – Evening meal

For more information or to book this retreat contact: Fiona


  • Desi, from London diagnosed with PCOS


    I've had PCOS for over 4 years and showed most of the symptoms, including irregular periods and acne prone skin. From my first appointment with Sara, I was put on a healthy diet and began taking herbs, which were tailored to my symptoms. Only after a few months of treatment, I already started to see changes - my periods regulated, my skin began to clear up, I felt a lot more energetic than I had in a long time. Sara was very professional with everything and gave very clear instructions on the diet and taking the medicine. I would definitely recommend Sara. Her treatment helped to greatly reduce my PCOS and a year later I no longer need to take anything for it

  • Caro from the US

    I wanted to send a note to say thank you for your excellent article in the Herbarium.  I personally have been using your recommended formula for fatigue/sweats/low mood.  So pleased to report that it works tremendously well for me!I look forward to reading your future articles with great pleasure.

  • Eleni (3 years) by Eleni’s Mum, Helen

    Well there has been a marked improvement in Eleni, she is happier, brighter, sleeping and eating well... It has been incredible and so heartening to see.
    Thank you so much!
  • Guy L

    I had been diagnosed with hypertension 12 years ago. My GP put me on some diuretics which worked well for the last 10 years but for the last 2 years my BP has been creeping up. My GP was keen to get me on the next treatment option on the ladder as prescribed by the NHS. I decided that this is not what I wanted so I changed my lifestyle completely and upped my exercise. This had an effect but my BP but it still fluctuated a lot. I arranged to see Sara. I now take one tincture three times daily and my GP can not believe the changes. The last time I had my BP taken at the clinic it was 124/77. Thank you Sara!

  • Naomi C

    Via Twitter

    Since drinking the magic potion from Sara @ - my skin is feeling so clear…

  • Frithe J

    I went to see Sara as I had hormonal problems resulting in heavy and painful periods with substantial pre-menstrual tension, low mood and low energy levels. She  prescribed herbal medicines to help regulate my hormones. I now have lots more energy, more concentration and focus and my mood is much improved. My periods are now manageable without copious amounts of over-the-counter painkillers, and my body feels like it is functioning much better. I highly recommend Sara, both from my personal experience of her treatment, and as a Registered Osteopath myself I professionally refer my own patients to her for herbal medicine when required.

  • Nuala. S

    I have been successfully treated by Sara for the adrenal fatigue that I was severely compromised by in the last year. Her methodical approach to finding the 'right' herbs has supported me to return to full health and vitality. As well as her expertise and professionalism in the field of Medical Herbalism, I can also vouch for her exceptionally kind, generous and empathic nature. She is a person that works from the 'heart', and this adds an added dimension of depth to her practice. Thank you Sara, it truly was a blessing to have you in my life.