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Consulting and Herbal Formulation 

I am currently working with Paris and Jodie Welton from the Adaptogenic Apothecary and formulating an exciting new range of adaptogenic and medicinal mushroom blends. 
The first blend I formulated for them is HARMONY, the first four stage adaptogen
ic powder
for menstrual wellness and easier cycles.

Writing Work and Research

I have published research in the International Journal of Herbal Medicine.

Phytotherapy for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A review of the literature
and evaluation of practitioners’ experiences.

Sara Rooney and Barbara Pendry

Journal of Herbal Medicine
Volume 4, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 159-171

I am a contributing author to the Herbal Academy in the USA 
I have written articles on:
Natural Approaches to PCOS Finding Balance
The Estrogen Balancing Act Estrogen Excess

Wild Roots Collaboration
A collaborative project between nature artist, Gemma Challenger, yoga and meditation teacher, Victoria Cooper and medical herbalist, me!
A combination of beautiful nature illustration, herbs to forage, yoga poses, seasonal intentions... we have all been friends for years and this is a lovely project to contribute to and make happen combining our love for nature.

I have worked on many retreats over the years including managing:
  • Platinum Detox Retreats Arundel, UK and Mallorca, Spain
  • Nourish in Nature, Central Portugal
  • Herbal Consulting at Vale de Moses, Oleiros, Central Portugal, run by my amazing friends Andrew and Von Winter


I have run many workshops and webinars, including Mastering your Menopause, Herbs for Women through the Life Cycle, Spring Cleanse with Yoga and Breathwork, Wild Botanica, Day Retreats with Practical Herbal Medicine Making.
Please feel free to get in touch for research work, media piece, for consulting product development advice or if want to make something herbal happen... I look forward to hearing from you.
stress and hormone imbalance
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