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"I am so thankful for finding Sara and the treatment programme she has put me on. I first met with Sara just over a year ago when I was feeling very low, having suffered with a hormonal imbalance for years (with acne being my main symptom), and with a stressful work/ life balance. It felt like a very overwhelming time but Sara was very empathetic and took a collaborative approach to my treatment plan so it didn't feel like an overwhelming change that had to happen overnight. She proposed a plan to slowly introduce better practices like a gentle daily exercise routine, a way to manage my stress, and a way to adapt my diet to help relive some of my symptoms, whilst taking a daily herbal tincture. A year on, I feel so much happier in my self, I have more energy, my acne has drastically improved and I feel empowered to know what is happening in my body. I can whole-heartedly recommend anyone else who is struggling with their hormones to reach out to Sara. I am so thankful for her support over the last year which has had a profound impact over my life. 

Julia, Brighton

"Sara is an incredibly skilled herbalist and a wonderful human being who has supported me and my crazy hormones for many years, from post natal right up to peri menopausal. I know that those years have been happier and healthier because of her support. Prior to working with Sara I struggled with bad PMT, 2 weeks of each month I felt like the wicked witch of the west meets hulk. Sara I cannot thank you enough for bringing balance and harmony to my hormones through herbs and nutrition".

Helen, Hove


"After months of scouring the internet and consulting various medical professionals in search of a solution to my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) - and almost giving up - I had finally stumbled upon Sara's website by chance. I decided to give medicinal herbs a try, and it was one of the best decisions of my life! Sara has been supporting me for a little over six months now, and I can honestly say her tinctures have made such a difference. My PCOS symptoms are gone and I'm back to being the best version of myself. 

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, kind and supportive professional who really cares about her patients, you came to the right place. Once again, thank you Sara for all you have done for me!"

Mia, London


"I am so pleased to say that I am coming through my menopause and have been really fortunate to have met Sara and her approach to health and wellbeing. Not to mention her amazing herbs which have supported me though the last 4-5 years. I had been struggling with my sleep, anxiety, night sweats and hot flushes and after a detailed consultation with Sara she created two mixes for me and adapted these as my symptoms changed and my body started to work with the herbs. So now I am herb free and feeling great. I will never say never to returning to Sara and herbal medicine. I know that as I go into another phase of my life and experience other health related issues I may need some some help to support my journey. It's great to know Sara is on hand if needed..."

Elaine, Shoreham by Sea

"I wanted to send a note to say thank you for your excellent article in the Herbarium. I personally have been using your recommended formula for fatigue/sweats/low mood and am so pleased to report that it works tremendously well for me! I look forward to reading your future articles with great pleasure."

Caro, USA

"I came to Sara as I was struggling with infertility and IBS. After one month of taking the herbs, I fell pregnant. My IBS symptoms have also reduced by 70%. Thank you."

Sara Antonia, West Sussex


"I had been diagnosed with hypertension 12 years ago. My GP put me on some diuretics which worked well for the last ten years but for the past two years my BP has been creeping up. My GP was keen to get me on the next treatment option on the ladder as prescribed by the NHS. I decided that this is not what I wanted so changed my lifestyle completely and upped my exercise. This had an effect on my BP but it still fluctuated a lot. I arranged to see Sara. I now take one tincture three times daily and my GP cannot believe the changes. The last time I had my BP taken at the clinic it was 124/77. Thank you Sara!"

Guy L, Brighton

"I have been successfully treated by Sara for the adrenal fatigue that I was severely compromised by in the last year. Her methodical approach to finding the 'right' herbs has supported me to return to full health and vitality. As well as her expertise and professionalism in the field of Medical Herbalism, I can also vouch for her exceptionally kind, generous and emphatic nature. She is a person that works from the 'heart', and this adds an added dimension of depth to her practice. Thank you Sara, it truly was a blessing to have you in my life."

Nuala, West Sussex


"I’m feeling really well at the moment and just thought today how much more energy I seem to have despite a really busy few weeks. Sleep has improved but is still top of my NY intentions but my caffeine curfew and ashwagandha capsules (when needed) have definitely helped. Touch wood, I have avoided any coughs or colds though am surrounded by bugs of all sorts at the moment so my mix of tonic and supplements seem to be doing the job! All in all, I’m so grateful to you as have felt a total shift in mood, attitude to food (I’ve almost lost a stone so far) and energy/immunity levels. Thanks so much."

Alison, Yoga teacher and mum of four

"I've had PCOS for over four years and showed most of the symptoms, including irregular periods and acne prone skin. From my first appointment with Sara, I was put on a healthy diet and began taking herbs, which were tailored to my symptoms. After only a few months of treatment, I already started to see changes - my periods regulated, my skin began to clear up, I felt a lot more energetic than I had in a long time. Sara was very professional with everything and gave very clear instructions on the diet and taking the medicine. I would definitely recommend Sara. Her treatment helped to greatly reduce my PCOS and a year later I no longer need to take anything for it."

Desi, London 


"Since drinking the magic potion from Sara my skin is feeling so clear."

Naomi Clarke, Hot Yoga Instructor, Brighton

"I would like to express my deep gratitude for all your help, kindness and support over the last six months. Meeting you on the health retreat for women and your herbal remedies have been life changing for me. I have struggled with acne most of my life, and within only three months I cant believe the difference the herbs have had on my skin. Now six months on and my face is pretty much clear of acne.

I have learnt so much from you about natural healing. Your professionalism, kindness and concern is unsurpassed. Thank you."

Laura, Bristol


"I'm really enjoying those herbs. Very tonifying... And the red skin patches have gone... and somebody commented on how good my skin looks!! I'm feeling strengthened by the herbs... Thanks Sara!"

Lula McGill, Nutritional Therapist, Lewes


"Well, there has been a marked improvement in Eleni, she is happier, brighter, sleeping and eating well. It has been incredible and so heartening to see.

Thank you so much!"

Mum of Eleni, aged 3

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