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Exciting Announcement: Freedom is here!

I am so happy to share that Freedom, the new adaptogenic women's health formulation for the Adaptogenic Apothecary, is launched this week. Freedom is the second formulation I have created for the Adaptogenic Apothecary, with Harmony being the extremely popular first blend, check out the reviews for Harmony!

I am super happy these herbs, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens are out and supporting SO many women naturally!

Whereas Harmony is for supporting a woman's cycle, from 30s to early 40s, Freedom is for those not cycling (or cycling irregularly) in the peri menopausal transition. Super easy to take just 2 teaspoons daily in smoothies, yoghurt, muesli, oats, cacao or with with plant based milk.

As the Adaptogenic Apocathery's official formulator, I have been working hard behind the scenes for a whole year to develop this very special and unique blend. Using years of patient experience and research to formulate this has been an absolute joy! Some have my friends have commented, where have you been! and I must admit formulating this has been a big passion over the last year.... So much research, care, love, time and attention has gone into this formulation and I believe it will truly change lives for those looking for natural solutions to menopause symptoms. A real effective alternative for those trying to embrace a natural transition.

Jodie and Paris Welton, my friends and co creators at the Adaptogenic Apothecary

Just like Harmony, Freedom includes clinically proven ingredients, but unlike Harmony, you don’t need a regular menstrual cycle to work with. Freedom includes:

  • Lion's Mane: For mental clarity and focus, immune support and gut health.

  • Raw cacao: A powerful antioxidant for improved mood, anti-ageing. Contains anandamides to limit negative mind states and increase happiness.

  • Coconut milk: Healthy saturated fat to support metabolism, energy, blood sugar levels and bone health.

  • Cordyceps Extract: To improve mitochondrial and cellular function, enhance libido, increase energy & healthy ageing.

  • Inulin from Agave: Supports gut health, detoxification and hormone balance.

  • Beetroot: Lowers blood pressure and increases detoxification through the liver.

  • Rosehip: Precursor to collagen formation, high in Vit C, anti-inflammatory, reduces joint and arthritis pains.

  • Goji berry: High in Vit C, supports healthy collagen production, eyesight, healthy ageing and libido.

  • Ashwagandha: For increased feelings of calm, reduced anxiety and stress. Aids sleep and positive energy.

  • Maitake Mushroom: Regulates insulin and blood sugar levels, supports healthy weight management.

  • Cinnamon: A powerful antioxidant, improves blood sugar regulation.

  • Saffron (Affron): Clinically proven to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, increase mood, improve libido and reduce joint pain

Try Freedom today! Click here for more info or to purchase your first pot with 25% off.

Get in touch with me for bespoke support in managing menopause, hormonal issues, and thriving in today's busy world.

Beautiful ashwagandha, the calming adaptogen which is super supportive in the perimenopause years.

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