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Harmony, the first 4 phase Menstrual Blend from The Adaptogenic Apothecary

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I am super excited and pleased to say that Harmony, the first four-phase adaptogenic menstrual blend has been Launched!

I have been working with Jodie and Paris Welton, founding sisters of the Adaptogenic Apothecary as their herbal formulator and herbalist consultant.

It has been a project of herbal synergy, love and passion for women's health, combining herbal medicines, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms to provide FOUR different blends for each of the phases of the menstrual cycle.

  • Menstrual

  • Follicular

  • Ovulation

  • Luteal

Each phase has a unique combination of herbal powders, medicinal mushrooms and medicinal foods to support the different needs and stages of a woman's cycle, promoting hormone balance and reducing any symptoms that may arise during the different stages.

They are uniquely and beautifully packaged, in easy-to-use, dose and travel-friendly sachets. One for each day of the cycle! So super easy to add to smoothies, coffee, or plant-based milk to ensure you get your dose of herbal hormone-balancing magic.

The Story Behind Harmony

Jodie and Paris approached me with the Harmony concept last year. We immediately clicked, and I loved their vision for Harmony. I knew from my years of clinical experience specialising in women's health, the power of medicinal herbs on hormone balance and the dramatic effect this balance could have on a woman's wellbeing and vitality.

Both Jodie and Paris had suffered symptoms of hormone imbalance through the years, from anxiety to fatigue to joint aches, and had been experimenting with different adaptogens at different times of their cycle.

I was so excited to get started and work with their vision to get this out to women! The project for me has consisted of many hours of blending, tasting, researching, combining and late nights in the Apothecary getting the right synergy of herbs; and I have absolutely loved it.

Paris and Jodie Welton, Founding sisters of the Adaptogenic Apothecary

Hormone Harmony

The Adaptogenic Apotehcary's first blend is Harmony, a beautiful and unique daily herbal supplement powder which has provided a botanical solution for cycling women to find hormone balance naturally and without chemicals; supporting a women's body and flow rather than working against it.

Women's hormone balance and menstrual cycles can be affected by so many factors in modern life, stress, environmental pollutants, pesticides and chronic inflammation. These formulations are the perfect way to get back into balance and feel the power of your cycle. I have seen the symptoms and frustration when women feel their hormones are out of sync: these carefully selected and combined ingredients can help re-balance and re-harmonise the powerful menstrual cycle. When women are in balance and work with their hormones, they are in harmony and the magic happens.

The Ingredients

Using my experience in herbal medicines, adaptogens, women's health, and training in medicinal mushrooms, we worked together to create Harmony.

Some of the amazing botanical ingredients are

  • Saffron, we used Affron extract

  • Reishi Mushroom

  • Chaga

  • Rosehip

  • Goji Berry Powder

  • Ashwagandha

  • Shatavari

  • Milk thistle

  • and more!

Sourcing the best quality Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms possible

I have taken great care and time in sourcing the best quality herbs and medicinal powders from organic and wild-crafted suppliers. Quality is so important when using botanical medicine. I have been shocked during the Harmony development process to see the difference in quality and effect from different suppliers of the same herb or medicinal mushroom!

Adaptogenic Apothecary prides itself on only using the absolute best quality raw ingredients. I know professionally that this quality makes a huge impact on effectiveness. I've used my experience working as a Medical Herbalist to hand pick herbal medicines and medicinal mushrooms from the highest quality suppliers and producers to ensure and guarantee that Harmony only contains the best raw ingredients.

Harmony...what people are saying...

I found I had more energy throughout the month and it helped bring awareness to all the stages of the cycle, so I felt more in tune with my body.

Georgia age 32

One month in and I never want to stop taking Harmony! I am feeling calm and happy and my PMS has gone.

Jen age 35

I am super excited for you to try the blends too and feel the benefits of Harmony Support!

For more information and to purchase Harmony, head to


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