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Oestrogen Excess - A Common Hormone Imbalance

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The symptoms of oestrogen excess are alarm bells signalling that the body is out of balance and that there are fundamental health issues to address

Some of the things to look out for are:

  • Heavy periods

  • Extreme PMT

  • Feeling angry and frustrated during ovulation

  • Low moods

  • Anxiety

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Cycle changing and coming closer together

These symptoms can be very useful signs and, when addressed early on, there are numerous impactful changes and proactive preventative steps that can be taken to improve hormonal balance and overall wellbeing in the long term.

In fact, many women come to me with symptoms related to this.

Oestrogen excess may be due to a variety of imbalances and reasons:

  • Poor, sluggish liver metabolism

  • Poor digestive health - the microbiome has an important role in oestrogen detoxification and effective recycling of these hormones

  • High toxic load from endocrine-disrupting chemicals from the environment and foods

  • Low progesterone levels - this increases the ratio between oestrogen and progesterone

  • Perimenopause, especially in the early stages. The late 30s to early 40s is often a time of oestrogen dominance

  • Stress - a huge factor that affects women's hormone balance

In-depth resource for further reading...

I have written a three-part intensive study (nearly 10,000 words), including a narrated PowerPoint for the Herbal Academy in the USA. I regularly write for them giving a clinical perspective on women’s health issues.

In the first session, I review the fundamentals of oestrogen excess in terms of what patterns in the body it describes, what oestrogens are and the role they play in the body, contributing factors to imbalance, clinical manifestations, the potentially serious long-term health implications, and tests useful for analysing oestrogen excess.

In the second session, I delve into approaches for managing oestrogen excess, including information about conventional pharmaceutical options as well as herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies to help balance oestrogen levels and reduce any potential risks from hormonal imbalance.

In the third and final session, I share a PowerPoint presentation with four case studies of oestrogen excess and illustrate how individualised protocols consisting of nutritional and herbal support and lifestyle choices can be tailored for the client and help them regain hormonal balance and, ultimately, good health.

The article is part of the Herbarium which is an excellent online resource from the Herbal Academy.

Membership is just $40 but you get access to some amazing herbal info, recipes and monographs. It is a huge library of natural health and high-quality herbal-based information. Find out more here.

If you feel you have some symptoms of oestrogen excess or are struggling with hormonal issues, get in touch. This is my specialised area and herbs can be very effective. Hormone imbalance can often be balanced naturally by looking at the whole picture of your health and using herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Book in an online consultation here and I can start you on a prescribed course of herbs and supplements including nutrition advice, to get your hormone balance back in check.

Consultation £65 including detailed treatment plan, nutrition and lifestyle advice

Herbs start at £10 weekly


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